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Your Guide To Buying Bakery Goods

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Angie Hobbs and I own a small gourmet coffee shop. Every day I feature a new coffee and I have samples available for my customers. Along with sample cups of coffee, I also provide pastries and other sweets that I purchase from various bakeries in the area. I always choose a baked good that will complement the coffee of the day. I've bought many different types of cakes, pies, pastries and cookies, so I've done a lot of tasting and testing. I'm writing this blog to inform others about buying fresh baked goods. You'll learn about the various types of goodies that you can buy at a bakery and how to choose the best dessert for a special occasion. After reading my blog, you'll be able to walk into your local bakery and order with confidence.



Your Guide To Buying Bakery Goods

3 Services You May Not Expect To Receive From Your Local Bakery

by Aubrey Boyd

With the smell of sweet delights and fresh bread wafting on the streets, you probably find yourself drawn to the local bakery quite often. When it comes down to it, these places truly can be hard to resist by the average passerby. However, just stepping in for a quick fix of your favorite fresh baked loaf or morning treat may not be the only reason you should check out a neighborhood bakery. There are a lot of services offered by bakeries that the public does not know much about. Here are three services offered that you may find to be very valuable.

Specialty Breads Baked to Order

A bakery is not typically a general bread supplier that offers run-of-the-mill varieties. If you are looking for a certain type of bread, it is a good idea to ask. You may be surprised to learn that the wonderful pumpernickel you remember as a kid or the sourdough rye you crave can be made to order. You can even place orders for a large amounts of bread and rolls if you need it for a special event, such as a wedding or family gathering. This means you can get just what you want made fresh to be picked up on the day you need it.

Custom Cake Creations for Special Events

A lot of bakeries are not just doughnut and bread suppliers; they offer customized cakes as well. It is no secret that you can usually get cakes made to order, but what you may not know is you can get just about any flavor, size, style, or variety you choose. If you need a special cake for an event, such as an upcoming birthday or corporate party, be sure to talk to the local bakery about the design and options that are available.

Recurring Orders for Business Purposes

Every week you have to run out from the office and gather morning donuts to feed the employees. What you should know is your life can be made easy by placing what is known as a recurring, or standing, order with a local bakery. When you place a standing order, what you need always be ready to go and will take precedence over other daily bakery tasks.

When you know a little more about what the average bakery has to offer, it is easy to see why these businesses are such a valuable aspect of any community. Be sure to talk to a local bakery manager, such as the one found at Klosterman Baking Company, about services available.